Appliance Installation and Repair

Now, understandably, our core business is fitting kitchens, but we have also branched out into other avenues such as ceiling speaker installations as more and more of our customers had been asking about this. Another service that we also offer is kitchen appliance installation and repair. Similar to what the likes of these chaps at appliance repair Scottsdale offer. The appliance repair business is massive in the USA and we are predicting that the same service will be offered here in the UK as more of us become money conscious.

Just think of the cost of a new washing machine, dishwasher, oven, microwave, fridge… The can be quite expensive! Do you have the money set aside in case one of these kitchen appliances goes on the blink? We are talking several hundreds of pounds, and in many cases, significantly more. Whereas, an appliance repair could be as little as £40.

broken dishwasher needing a repair
broken dishwasher needing a repair

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